Eco Home Designs


Eco-friendly Home Designs

When you create a eco-friendly green home design, you are helping to preserve the Earth’s natural resources. In addition, you are helping to eliminate greenhouse gases, the major contributor to climate change. Besides improving the health of the planet, you can enjoy savings on your energy bills. This can be done by applying some of the ideas described in this website.

Design is a very important consideration in creating an eco-friendly home. For example, taking advantage of abundant natural light by the use of windows, skylights and clerestories can have multiple benefits, such as reducing electricity bills, avoiding the production of greenhouse gases and creating a healthier home environment.

Eco-friendly homes designs use non-toxic building materials. Sustainable woods such as bamboo are an excellent choice for use throughout the home and furnishings. The use of recycled or salvaged materials are central to the credo of green living.

An eco-friendly home may generate most or all of their own electricity, through the use of solar panels, wind turbines, or geothermal power where available. It will also use energy efficient appliances and lighting to ensure that energy demands are reduced.

The choice of plants in the backyard is important too. In dry climates, planting drought-resistant grass and plants will help reduce water consumption. | Resources